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Cincyplanet Design Studio

Getting the latest technology into the hands of small businesses.

Help increase your business with text messaging and phone autoresponders.


Product photography or a business portrait, we can help you with your image.


Voice is the interface of the future, we can develop and publish a voice app for Alexa, 

Mobile apps put your business in the hands of customers even on the go!


Text Messaging

It has the highest open rate of any marketing method!

Text Messaging Reach

Not only does it have a high open rate, but text messaging can reach people where ever they are, few people do not carry their phone. So from surveys, autoresponders and marketing text messaging can be a powerful tool. 


Voice Apps

Voice Apps can improve your branding and business awareness!

Information with just your Voice

In over 50 million home a Voice app using Alexa can help you increase your brand and business awareness by proving helpful information to potential and current customers.



Product Photography

Show off your product for web and print with high quality professional product photography starting as low as $35 per image.


Business Portraits / Headshots

You need to make a good impression, we can help you with a great looking headshot or even photos of your business and process.


Website Photography

Looking for photos to show on your website? We can help you out. Contact us now and let us know what you need. With over 14 years as a professional photographer we have your solution.


Mobile and Web Apps

Getting your infomation and app infront of the customer gets you in the mind! 

Mobile and Web Based Apps

Web based apps can do a lot these days and can help your business by getting you infront of the customer and in their hands at all times. Mobile apps offer additional features and offline information and are often used more than web based apps. We can talk about the one thats right for your business!

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