Backlight Displays

Posters, Photos and More

A very popular item we can custom make you a backlight display with your favorite movie poster, photo or even custopm graphic making it a one of a kind work of art! Prices start at $70 for an 8x10. 

For now check out our Facebook or Etsy page, you can also email us for more details on ordering a custom piece!


Horror Movie & Backlight Videos 

Some of the Backlight Signs and Prototypes we have done. 
Contact us if you would like a custom sign!
Pricing 8x10 - $65 | 11x14 - $90 | 12x16 - $135 | 16x20 - $190 | 18x24 - $275


Dallas Cowboys


Ghostbusters - Zuul

Star Wars - Millenium Falcon

The Devil’s Rejects

Chucky - Valentines Day

Thirteen Ghosts - Black Zodiac 

Captain Spaulding - The Devil’s Rejects - house of 1000 Corpses

Dallas Cowboys 2

Denver Broncos

Harry Potter - Hermione Granger

The Jackal -hirteen Ghosts

Evil Dead