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In-House Sales App

The automotive industry is changing. The car buying process of yesterday is no longer acceptible to the younger generations. No one wants to spend several hours deciding on a car then four or five hours negotiating and doing paper work. Dealship like Ken Garff Honda in Ogden Utah are going to the One Person One Hour mantra, and people like it. Sales people now not only have more power to help the customer they also have more work. Their job is extending from just showing the cars and helping to decide to full blown one stop shopping, handilng the F & I and other duties. Our sales app helps this process in a number of ways that can speed up the process and give the sales people more information at their fingertips without haivng to worry if the information is correct or not. You can even track whats being used so you know whats being used the most, or the least, and tailor the app around what your sales staff really needs and uses. 

In-House Sales Solution

Our in-house sales solution will help your sales people get their job done faster and easier as well as making the customer experience better.
Features can inlcude, but are not limited to:
VIN scanner with Edmunds API
Website search for new or used*
Links to 3rd party sites like Customer Deliveries, DealerSocket, KBB, etc
Real time data feed for Lot Techs
Todo listing with local phone alert
 Brand specific info (i.e. links, magazines, etc)
Device tools i.e. flashlight etc

Customer Facing Solution

Connecting with your customers is the best way to keep them coming back. Simple providing the information on your dealership is not enough, today people need a reason to use your app. We have several features to help engage with customers and keep them coming back to your app and your dealership. Some basic features to include can be:
Quick access to sales, service, parts, collison
Happy customer feeds
Current car listing or search features
Easy access to schedule service
Video feed link, great for tech videos and how tos
Todo checklist, great for those trips or everyday list needs
loyalty rewards, earn when using the app and when using services

Full Package Solution

Save time, money and hassle by packaging our othere solutions together.

We can be a one stop full service mobile solutions provider for your inhouse and customer facing apps.

Many serivces can be intergrated into the apps to help stream line your sales, service and customer engagement processes. 

Free consulations for your app development process.
Follow up and constant app enhancements


Multipurpose Scanner

Our multi purpose scanner scans VINs as well as QR codes and knows the difference. If you use QR Codes on your vehicles it can take your salesperson right to that vehcile on line listing. When a VIN is scanned you can give your sales people several options like see decoded info, getting a CarFax and getting the OTD if its your car.

Lease and OTD Pricing

Get quick and accurte OTDs

From simple out the door price, adding in F & I and other products, calculating a monthly payment based on a term and interest rate and even getting some leasing information. Give you salespeople the power they need to help you customers at the customers pace! Leasing is in the beta testing stage!

Car Info and Searching

Up to date car info and searching

From simply linking to your website parameters to fully integrating a new and used car feed we can help get your car inventory at your sales peoples fingertips. 

Real Time Data

Real time data for all that need it

A real time data feed can help not only your sales people but many others at yoru dealership as well. For example, a lot tech section can show the lot techs which cars might need gas, have a dead battery or just need some attention. Once taken care of it can be marked as completed or completly removed!

Custom Features

We can also create custom features to fit your needs. Just let us know what you need to do, or talk with us any any problem you want to solve and we will come up with a possible solution.

Development and Maintenance Pricing

Easy low cost pricing structure!


For Salespeople
$ 600
Monthly / Annual Contract
  • $3,000 Development Fee
  • $6,700 Annually - Save $500!
  • Multi-Dealership Discounts Available
  • *Does not include auto updated inventory feed!


For Cutomers
$ 200
Monthly / Annual Contract
  • $2,000 Development Fee**
  • $2,100 Annually - Save $300
  • Multi-Dealership Discounts Available
    *Does not include auto updated inventory feed!


Save With A Full Solution
$ 700
Monthly / Annual Contract
  • $4,500 Development Fee
  • $8,500 Annually - Save $1100
  • Multi-Dealership Discounts Available
  • *Does not include auto updated inventory feed!

** Introductory application development pricing. Advanced features will add an additional pricing per feature requested. Please talk to a rep for more details. 


We will come down and show you an active app on a real device to see how it can serve you!


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