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Mobile App Development

Focusing on a simple to use user experience,
clean designs, hybrid apps with a purpose!

Why Hybrid Mobile App?

The days that people could argue that hybrid apps are too slow and not responsive are over. Todays hybrid apps are almost impossible to tell from native apps. The clean frameworks like Ionic and an Angular JS behind it means the app will be smooth, resopnsive and clean looking. Hybrid apps also have the advantage of building for multiple device types with a single code base. This keeeps costs down as well as keeping development and maintaining the app as easy as possible!


About CincyPlanet

CincyPlanet is a small family owned business located in Ogden, Utah. We have developed numerous web sites and mobile applications dealing with a variety of technology and frameworks for an even wider range of clients. We also have over 12 years experience as a professional photographer in a large studio photographing people, products and places. This expereience allows us ot create the image you want and need for your business!

Our clients are more than a source of income. We love to get to you know and find out how else we can help. From computer advice or shich smart phone might be the best for you to talking about fishing or nature, we are here, and we listen. We won't try to get you to purchase something you don't need.

Mobile App Development

Hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices with a large ranges of features and possibilites from location aware, iBeacons, and real-time data to simple business apps.

Web App Development

Progressive web apps are an up and coming techlogoy that utilies device features in a web based user experience. 

Website Development

While no longer a focus for us we do offer some website development options. After all, that is where we started!

Other Serivices

Development has to be built on top of a service or product, we also offer photography and video services. With over 14 years as an experienced professional photographer we can ge thtat image you need!